AHCAP Webinar: The Safety Culture Curve – Driving Toward a High Reliability Organization

October 27, 2016 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

About the Session:  Where do you think you are on the safety culture curve? How do you know? This session will describe the levels and present common themes you may experience or statements you may hear to indicate your organization’s place on the curve.

Creating a safe working environment is about more than removing hazards and instituting safety procedures. It is about people, their attitudes, how they behave and how they think. They are the critical factors in making the workplace safe.  This session will define what safety culture means and the methodology of changing behavior that results in a mindset of safety.
Presenter – Cathy Bamberger, Senior Administrative Assistant, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

About the Presenter:  Cathy L. Bamberger is a Senior Administrative Assistant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center within the Department of Supply Chain Management.In this position, Cathy provides administrative support for the Assistant Vice President of Supply Chain Management and Director of Logistics.  Cathy provides logistical support for multiple projects, meetings, and conferences. Cathy joined Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2008. Prior to her current position at the CCHMC, she served as an administrative assistant supporting the co-director of the Asthma Center within the department of Pulmonary Medicine. Cathy’s tenure of 8 years at CCHMC has contributed to her extensive knowledge of medical center and operational procedures.  She is most adept at maneuvering and executing toward mission accomplishment within numerous years at CCHMC and internal business systems and support of the safety culture within the hospital. Cathy had recently completed a Project Management class. Cathy is proficient in Microsoft Office Software Packages (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). Cathy committed to the Safety Culture Curve team and Safety Coach within the hospital.

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