AHCAP Webinar: Spirit of Caring – Self Care

Association For Healthcare Administrative Professionals Webinar

Presenter: Melissa Francisco-Carlson, Service Excellence Manager – Essential Health

About the Session:
Missy Francisco-Carlson is a program manager within Essentia Health’s Service Excellence department.  One of Missy’s many responsibilities is with the implementation of the Spirit of Care program.  The Spirit of Caring revolves around excellent service…the service we provide while we care for ourselves, how we care for our team (unit, department) and our organization and how we care for the patients, their families and the communities we serve.  We need all three of these components if to live out the Spirit of Caring. Today we are going to focus on self-care.  Why focus on self-care? Because Healthcare is one of the most:

  • high stress environments you can work in

  • high risk environments you can work in

  • Staff in healthcare face on-going changes and challenges constantly

  • ?A higher level of burnout with healthcare staff compared to other organizations, no matter your role

So how do you cope with all of these things and continue to offer high quality care and work? By taking care of yourself. The most important relationship to have is with yourself. If you can’t help yourself, you can’t help others. But the good news is with practice, self-care is a learned behavior where you can teach yourself to better manage.

09. November 2017 by Miriam
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