Beigels Bakery

551 Waverly Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 718-388-403
Fax: 718-782-5448

Beigel\’s superior line of quality baked goods can be spotted on the shelves of supermarkets, club stores,gourmet shops and delis. Noted establishments such as the Carnegie Deli and Second Avenue Delicatessen can attest to their rewarding relationship with Beigels. Beigel\’s is also the supplier of note to hospitals, nursing facilities and institutions nationwide. We are constantly developing new products that meet the special needs of the healthcare universe, products that are healthy, portion controlled and individually wrapped.

We are proud of our yearly accreditation by Silliker, the leading international network of accredited food testing and consulting laboratories. This association underlines our adherence to the most stringent standards of food safety, and quality assurance.

All baking is done in-house on our own premises, so we have complete control of all facets of production, ensuring that every single Beigel’s product meets our singular criteria of quality and excellence. With our personalized handling of every account and our competitive pricing, your satisfaction is ensured.

Posted On: January 23, 2012