5 Great Tips for Filling Beds in Your Health Care Facility

Develop Strong Relationships with your Residents

Healthcare Facility Fill BedsAs with any business, satisfying your existing customers/clients is a great way to develop an excellent reputation and generate new leads. The title of a book written by Pete Blackshaw says it all – “Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000.” Take great care of the residents in your facility, and the families will likely respond with positive reviews, sharing their experience with friends and referring new residents.

Create an Effective Web Presence

In today’s day and age, every business has a website. Whether you just post a company profile with contact information or make online sales, you should have an online presence. Your website should provide a professional and aesthetically pleasing presentation of who you are with an easy way for prospective clients to reach you. You may want to include a virtual tour, healthcare or rehab services and contact information. A company that specializes in healthcare marketing can provide proper guidance and support to maximum your results. Generating quality online leads can take alleviate some of the challenges of searching for prospective residents.

Get Involved with the Community

Host, sponsor and participate in community events. Raise awareness within the community that your facility provides a superior level of service while adding value to the neighborhood as a whole. Community involvement and programs can enhance events for your residents, and residents will feel greater fulfillment by contributing and giving back to their community. By effectively becoming a key pillar of the community, you will bring value – and of course new residents – to the facility. The Heritage Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, in a campaign managed by Ad Lib Unlimited, seamlessly established themselves within the Boro Park community as a facility with the highest caliber of short-term subacute care and a true asset to the community.

Improve Quality of Care with Healthcare Interior Design

A well thought-out facility design positively impacts the well-being of residents and patients, and is proven to have an effect on patient healing. You will also make a much better first impression when a prospective resident walks in to your facility and is greeted in a comfortable and homey atmosphere. Having a beautiful environment is the first step in creating the atmosphere where residents, guests and caregivers can all be at their very best. An experienced healthcare interior design company can integrate different elements of design to meet the needs of patients and their care providers, as well as code-specific requirements.

Connect with Industry Professionals

Make sure you are well-known and connected with key professionals in the industry. If you have an assisted living facility, you may want to communicate regularly with local physicians and managers of local senior centers. A rehab center would benefit greatly by partnering with local hospitals where patients may be transferred from. The same principle holds true for long-term care facilities, outpatient clinics and hospitals.

15. April 2013 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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