A Groupon a Day Keeps Flower Lovers at Bay

Some folks who desired to gift their valentine with flowers from FTD, while taking advantage of savings offered by Groupon, were left in the red.

Seems discounts on the FTD site were $5 to $10 lower than the coupon price on the Groupon site, and groupon savings aren’t applicable to FTD sale items. All those bargain hunting customers were none to happy and felt taken advantage of.

Groupon has apologized for the confusion and has refunded all those unhappy complainants with the difference between the FTD sales price and the listed Groupon price.

According to Groupon.com President Rob Solomon, “Groupon has people who monitor Internet prices on coupon items to make sure there are no discrepancies, and they catch differences in most cases. This case was a rare exception.”

Bottom line: if you’re looking to pinch pennies, make sure to keep your eyes open.

15. February 2011 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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