Blizzard 2010, the iPad and Great House

This ambidextrous iPhone and iPad swashbuckler has been touting all things digital… but straddled the fences when it came to leisure reading.

Proprietary about my leisure space, I had pretty much relegated my iPad as work tool  and not embraced the iBooks and other iPad Apps for downloading  my personal reading.

I knew I should but didn’t.

I’d made a mental note about purchasing Nicole Krauss’s most recent book, Great House; it had received accolades from everyone – the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, the New Yorker… and I had loved her History of Love. So weeks ago, Nicole’s was the first name I searched when I opened iBooks, and when, unrewarded, I left… and lost interest in downloading any other titles.

Last night, as the Blizzard of 2010 reared it’s vociferous head, and recognizing a well- presented delicious, reading opportunity, I figured I’d give the downloadable book option a shot. Sure enough, Nicole’s name was typed in, and this time, I was positively rewarded. No hesitation. Yes, I wanted Great House, downloaded it, and began reading immediately.

Her language was indeed lyrical, and her characters as compelling as I had anticipated… The coup de grace to reading via iPad, was, no longer having to deal with my ridiculously overwrought work ethic which would ordinarily force me out of bed to reach for the never accessible dictionary… or feel forever guilty.  There, at that moment, my need for immediate gratification was met. The sweep of the story continued, undeterred. And my iPad will indeed be my leisure reading conduit of choice.

27. December 2010 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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