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Lost In Translation: Is Your Healthcare Facility Giving An Unhealthy Message?

The “global village” now being a thriving reality, the burgeoning use of the internet for business purposes means that companies are reaching out to specific segments of the population who rely on their mother tongue to gauge the level of…

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HCC Conference and Trade Show

The Home Care Council (HCC) hosted its first Professional Development Conference and Vendor Trade Show last week. The confluence of energy and enthusiam, informative speakers, and the array of specialized exhibitors made it quite a success. would like to…

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National Healthcare Marketing Competition

The Aster Awards Program is an elite competition recognizing the nation’s most talented healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence in advertising. Winning entries, judged by a diverse panel of experts, are published in the Marketing Healthcare Today magazine. A Best…

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Ready to Share Your Good News with the World?

For those expecting moms who are excited to tell their nearest and dearest about their mom-to-be status, technology is there to assist them. One of the newest apps out there is “Mobile Baby” – providing parents and doctors with the…

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A Groupon a Day Keeps Flower Lovers at Bay

Some folks who desired to gift their valentine with flowers from FTD, while taking advantage of savings offered by Groupon, were left in the red. Seems discounts on the FTD site were $5 to $10 lower than the coupon price…

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Use it or Lose it!

What an absolutely clever approach to marketing, exercise…. Innovative and psychologically astute… and probably just what most wannabe losers need! Idea: A Gym Membership that Charges You for Not Exercising

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I’ll have a decaf, non-fat, soy… Trenta?!

In case you haven’t heard or aren’t in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia, Starbucks has introduced a Trenta cup. These lucky states are the first to be…

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Old Enough… To Drink, Coffee

As a self- professed coffee connoisseur, a zenith of enjoyment was reached when we purchased our own Keurig machine and our first deliveries of special blend pods were hand delivered by Mike from UPS. So the trend-setting, market-conscious advertising professional…

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Nuts Enough to Start Your Own Business?

Had to chuckle when reading the article in the September 19th Business Section of the New York Times;  the headline alone, was worth the price of admission: “Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs”… For one thing, I enjoyed a frisson…

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Don’t Read This Post

The headline made you want to see what this was all about, didn’t it? It is an interesting feature of human behavior that we are attracted to what we are told we cannot have, or shouldn’t want. Tell someone not…

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