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Exome Sequencing – A New Take on Family History

I have been enthralled with Genome Sequencing for sometime now – and for good reason: In one case at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, doctors expected to have to remove the pancreas from a baby girl with very low…

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Do You Think You Can Win? Dancing away stale clichés about aging.

Do You Think You Can Win? With that facetious remark, Simon Cowell addressed the odd couple standing at the stage poised to begin their dance routine in a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent 2014. She, a petite elderly woman…

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Health Benefits of Feeling Younger

New research indicates that feeling younger than you are can have long-range health benefits. Age is whatever you think it is and you are as old as you think you are rings an old quote. This is something that those…

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Medical Breakthrough: Drugs to Help Elderly Rebuild Muscle

Pharmaceutical companies are working to make drugs that could help elderly patients walk again and rebuild muscle in a range of diseases. This new development began after scientist Se-Jin Lee genetically engineered “Mighty Mice” with twice as much muscle as…

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Administration on Aging Projection for the US Senior Population

According to the Administration on Aging, the number of Americans who are 85 or older is expected to triple to almost 20 million by the year 2050. While elderly women will still vastly outnumber men, the disparity is expected to…

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The Beauty of Aging

As networking professionals in the health care and long term care industry, has also become a valuable resource for the aging population. We deal with various types of health care models including home health care, short-term rehabilitation, long term…

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Asian-American Elders Disadvantaged by Cultural & Lingual Barriers

While the growing Hispanic community struggles to deal with their aging parents and their cultural expectations of care, the Asian-American community is struggling with this issue as well in a slightly nuanced way. “Filial Piety” – respect for one’s elders,…

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Conditions at Assisted Living Communities and Nursing Homes

Finding a good health care facility to care for yourself or a loved one is a difficult challenge. Many facilities are understaffed and don’t have access to the right tools to effectively manage operations, thus having a negative impact on…

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How to Protect Your Hips

According to The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons there are some steps you can take to help slow the creeping onset of hip arthritis. •   Make sure you give your hips a breather, and try not to overwork them….

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Putting the Pieces Together

The 3 most common chronic conditions to plague seniors in assisted living are Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure and heart disease. While 82% of this highly vulnerable population suffers from at least one of these three, there is growing concern about the common…

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