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HCC Conference and Trade Show

The Home Care Council (HCC) hosted its first Professional Development Conference and Vendor Trade Show last week. The confluence of energy and enthusiam, informative speakers, and the array of specialized exhibitors made it quite a success. would like to…

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LTC Facility Remodel-Renovation Contest Finalist! would like to congratulate one of our member Long Term Care Facilities, The Pratt Pavilion, for becoming a finalist in the common space category of Long-Term Living’s 2011 National Remodel/Renovation Competition. Contact us to find out how LTCAdministrator can…

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Use it or Lose it!

What an absolutely clever approach to marketing, exercise…. Innovative and psychologically astute… and probably just what most wannabe losers need! Idea: A Gym Membership that Charges You for Not Exercising

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I’ll have a decaf, non-fat, soy… Trenta?!

In case you haven’t heard or aren’t in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia, Starbucks has introduced a Trenta cup. These lucky states are the first to be…

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The first Baby Boomer turned 65 recently.  With so many advances in medical science, life expectancy is getting longer by the day. At the same time, cancer seems to impact everyone in one way or another.  So, it’s no wonder,…

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Blizzard 2010, the iPad and Great House

This ambidextrous iPhone and iPad swashbuckler has been touting all things digital… but straddled the fences when it came to leisure reading. Proprietary about my leisure space, I had pretty much relegated my iPad as work tool  and not embraced…

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Facility Hires New Administrator through! successfully connected an administrator with a leading cutting edge facility. posts exclusive job listings for Administrators, Directors and Coordinators of health care facilities. We work to facilitate the hiring process in a discrete and professional manner. Are you…

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Hey, Get Back and Take Your Meds!

Add “predictive initiatives” to the newest lingo in the crosshairs of medicine and long term care. Pharmacy-benefit manager Express Scripts Inc. is launching an innovative program that reaches out to patients they anticipate will fail to take their medications. That’s…

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Nuts Enough to Start Your Own Business?

Had to chuckle when reading the article in the September 19th Business Section of the New York Times;  the headline alone, was worth the price of admission: “Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs”… For one thing, I enjoyed a frisson…

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Unemployed and Down in the Dumps

The current recession is taking a toll on the mental health of the ranks of unemployed and underemployed. The risk of severe depression is four times greater for those without a job than those who are working – according to…

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