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Medicare Study Analyzes Diagnoses and Timing for Hospital Readmissions

According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association of Medicare fee-for-service claims data for 2007-2009, Medicare patients hospitalized for heart failure, heart attack and pneumonia are readmitted within 30 days for a wide variety of reasons…

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New York Hospitals Still Far From Back-To-Normal After Sandy

Superstorm Sandy visited briefly two weeks ago, but her impact will be felt in New York for quite some time to come.  Power has finally been restored to 99% of the affected homes, and gasoline rationing has ended for our…

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Missing the Forest for the Trees

Hospitalization of Seniors for Acute Care Generates a Host of New Health issues While physicians focus on treating their hospitalized patients’ ills, discharging them once those acute problems are resolved – they tend to be oblivious to the fact that…

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Coordination of Care Hits New Heights in Manhattan

As the health care system evolves, one of the key success factors that comes up time and again is the ability for the different entities within the system to collaborate with one another to produce a quality of care that…

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Hospitals Penalized by Medicare For Excess Readmissions

The 2010 Health Care Law, in an effort to force improvements in hospital quality, has authorized penalties for hospitals based on readmission rates. Starting in October 2012, more than 2,000 hospitals will be penalized by the government because many of…

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Is There Such Thing as “Too Much” Care?

Among the many dilemmas faced by physicians in today’s healthcare system, one of the trickiest is deciding how much care is enough – and how much is too much.  Armed with ever evolving technology and treatment options, and without clear…

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Coordination of Care Offers Opportunities for Providers

Watching the Olympic opening ceremonies, it would be difficult to miss the fact that the UK chose this very public stage to celebrate, of all things, their healthcare system.  It is hard to imagine such a thing happening on US…

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Collaboration is the Key to Success for Long Term Care Facilities

Despite government threats of financial penalties, hospitals have made little headway in improving rates of preventable readmissions, according to recent Medicare data. More than 20% of Medicare patients return to the hospital within a month of discharge and despite policy…

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Your “Off Day” May be the Day to Get to the ER

What can you do to detect a heart attack early on and prevent fatal results? Too Many symptoms of a heart attack go unrecognized or are often overlooked by the patient as an ‘off’ day. Innocuous looking symptoms include, indigestion,…

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Stop Treating The MRI

The baby boomers have entered the orthopedic surgery stage, bringing the overall statistics of orthopedic surgery in America to a new level! In 2009 Americans ages 45 to 64 had approximately 116,000 hip replacements, and 97,000 knee replacements between 2004…

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