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Don’t Read This Post

The headline made you want to see what this was all about, didn’t it? It is an interesting feature of human behavior that we are attracted to what we are told we cannot have, or shouldn’t want. Tell someone not…

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Betting Against the Brand

As one who passionately builds brands for a living, it saddens me when I am forced to bear witness to the downward spiral of a once-strong brand.  The recent troubles faced by Tylenol and other huge brands from McNeil Consumer…

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Is That Your Stomach Rumbling as You Drink From the Fountain of Youth?

The irony is quite delicious:  Scientists believe they have indeed found the Fountain of Youth and it is found right at the entry of our mouths- as long as we seriously restrict our calorie intake while maintaining all essential nutrients?…

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Daydreaming: Genius at Work!

by Ruth Folger Weiss “Aha!” :  all those Eureka moments I’ve come to count on as a creative professional in the advertising and marketing field, were really instances of insight reflective  of an active mind with some serious neuron brain…

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Look Like a Million When Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Is it a question of “Beauty OR Brains” that influences one’s success in the work force? New research conducted by Timothy Judge, PhD, a management professor at the University of Florida, suggests replacing that “OR” with an “AND.” His research…

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“Did You Say The Opening’s In The BACK?”

Love it when the  different passions of my life converge and… beg for a creative solution. Fashion, the Health Care Universe and Marketing all came together in Lucette Lagnado’s article in The Wall St. Journal. So Doctors and Hospitals still…

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Twitter Gets Down to Business

The challenge to manage corporate communications via social media in a responsible manner keeps getter tougher. Just when you thought you could leave Twitter to others who had the time to engage in mindless solipsism, you see an article in…

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