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Lost In Translation: Is Your Healthcare Facility Giving An Unhealthy Message?

The “global village” now being a thriving reality, the burgeoning use of the internet for business purposes means that companies are reaching out to specific segments of the population who rely on their mother tongue to gauge the level of…

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Emergency Preparedness: New Regulations From CMS

Are You Ready? New Disaster Readiness Rule From CMS Impacts Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Home Health Agencies “Planning for the protection and care of patients, clients, residents, and staff during an emergency or disaster is a good business practice” states…

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Heart/Stroke Association: Most Stroke Patients Should Go To inpatient Rehab Facilities

May is Stroke Awareness Month and, like every year at this time, the American Heart Association / American Stroke Association has released a new set of guidelines. What’s unprecedented about this year’s guidelines, the eighth set, is that they are…

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Brainy Technology: Advances That Revolutionize Health

Dedicated to raise awareness and support individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month. These weeks of heightened awareness about brain health, underscore the importance of early detection – and technology appears…

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Generic Vicodin Top Medicare Drug in 2013

An article this past Sunday brought to light startling data: The most widely prescribed drug to Medicare D beneficiaries in 2013 was a generic version of the powerful prescription pain killer Vicodin. Underscoring how at ease physicians are writing prescriptions…

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BIG Rewards: The Promise of Small Changes in Nutrition

Be mindful of seemingly inconsequential eating habits: their impact is bigger than you can imagine – especially when it comes to the Senior population. When we consider the health of older adults, we tend to think about the most common…

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Exome Sequencing – A New Take on Family History

I have been enthralled with Genome Sequencing for sometime now – and for good reason: In one case at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, doctors expected to have to remove the pancreas from a baby girl with very low…

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Brain Plasticity and Rehabilitation

Who Says You Can’t Teach The Old Maestro A New Tune? What changes in our brain as we get older and how do those changes affect our abilities to learn, develop new skills, and rehabilitate from injury? In the last…

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It’s Not The “Where” But The “Specialized Care”

Choosing where to continue one’s rehabilitation following a hospital stay, is a crucial decision  that affects the quality and length of one’s recovery. A bad choice, meaning a facility that is not well-equipped with the expertise to treat your specific condition,…

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Rise of Orthopedic Rehab Specially Geared Towards Children in Response to Increase in Sports Injuries

More than 3.5 million children receive treatment for sports injury annually, with high-school athletes accounting for an estimated 2 million of them. With a growing  year-round emphasis on competitive sports – especially single-sport concentration and intense training regimens – medical…

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