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She’s Fashionable… He’s Clueless

So there are kindred spirits out there who, too, are puzzled by the disconnect of sartorial splendor existing between husbands and wives. Never realized there could (and should?) be a support group for fairly fashionable women who are married to…

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Count Your Blessings Daily… To be Physically & Emotionally Fit

It seems pretty obvious, and most of us have known this all along, but now science has come to back it up with hard data  – be thankful, it’s good for you. According to findings published in a recent Wall…

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The Apology Gap: Who’s Sorry Now? Surprise!

Recent studies have determined that gender differences do, indeed, exist when it comes to saying, “I’m sorry”! This “apology gap” not only involves how often men and women voice their contrition, but, very particularly, on how they say they’re sorry….

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Office Space in Long Term Care Facilities

One of the areas where helps organizations is working with Long Term Care facilities to help them manage resources and facilities.  We wanted to share an interesting perspective from a recent issue of Long Term Living Magazine. When it…

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A “Friend” – Indeed!

Integral to being a successful, modern, enterprising adult – it appears, is the ability to shift one’s cognitive association of the tried & true. Favorite words. Old “FRIENDS”… According to LinkedIn, I have 198 trusted friends and colleagues to whom…

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Fight Back or Heart Attack? Forget Wimping Out at Work!

There is a definite association between “covert coping” in the face of unfair treatment in the workplace. Men who tend to walk away from conflict at work could be setting themselves up for a myocardial infarction and cardiac death. In…

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Caring for a Spouse with Alzheimer’s Puts Significant Other at Greater Risk

At the recent Alzheimer’s Association 2009 International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease, an eye opening study demonstrated that spouses who care for a mate suffering from dementia were more likely to develop the same condition, with husband caregivers at a much…

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Is That Your Stomach Rumbling as You Drink From the Fountain of Youth?

The irony is quite delicious:  Scientists believe they have indeed found the Fountain of Youth and it is found right at the entry of our mouths- as long as we seriously restrict our calorie intake while maintaining all essential nutrients?…

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Stick With Your Friends and Keep Busy

by Nechama Drillick You’ve been given fair warning – the more socially active you are, the slower you’ll age. Research data in the June 22 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine reveal a direct connection between social activity and physical…

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Daydreaming: Genius at Work!

by Ruth Folger Weiss “Aha!” :  all those Eureka moments I’ve come to count on as a creative professional in the advertising and marketing field, were really instances of insight reflective  of an active mind with some serious neuron brain…

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