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Retirement Community Sued Over Inappropriate Resident Photos Posted to Facebook: A timely reminder of the utmost importance of enforcing the latest CMS regulations for social media. We are reminded today of the pain that misuse and abuse of social media…

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Be aware of the latest CMS regulations – and be vigilant! Per CMS regulations, taking, posting and sharing unauthorized images of Patients and Residents via social media (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) can constitute abuse in violation of the…

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Lost In Translation: Is Your Healthcare Facility Giving An Unhealthy Message?

The “global village” now being a thriving reality, the burgeoning use of the internet for business purposes means that companies are reaching out to specific segments of the population who rely on their mother tongue to gauge the level of…

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Networking While Protecting Patient Privacy

Dr. Lyle Dennis, a neurologist in Suffern, NY, has taken his years of practicing medicine and developed a site that fuses that knowledge with today’s powerful social media tools. The result: HealthKeep – a secure, anonymous and fully HIPAA-compliant health…

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Nuts Enough to Start Your Own Business?

Had to chuckle when reading the article in the September 19th Business Section of the New York Times;  the headline alone, was worth the price of admission: “Just Manic Enough: Seeking Perfect Entrepreneurs”… For one thing, I enjoyed a frisson…

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Don’t Read This Post

The headline made you want to see what this was all about, didn’t it? It is an interesting feature of human behavior that we are attracted to what we are told we cannot have, or shouldn’t want. Tell someone not…

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Mad Men and Ageism

One of the first rules of marketing and advertising is to understand and target the audience your product is intended to reach.  Seems pretty straightforward, but sometimes the path to the promised land, or targeted audience, is a winding one….

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A “Friend” – Indeed!

Integral to being a successful, modern, enterprising adult – it appears, is the ability to shift one’s cognitive association of the tried & true. Favorite words. Old “FRIENDS”… According to LinkedIn, I have 198 trusted friends and colleagues to whom…

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Daydreaming: Genius at Work!

by Ruth Folger Weiss “Aha!” :  all those Eureka moments I’ve come to count on as a creative professional in the advertising and marketing field, were really instances of insight reflective  of an active mind with some serious neuron brain…

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“Did You Say The Opening’s In The BACK?”

Love it when the  different passions of my life converge and… beg for a creative solution. Fashion, the Health Care Universe and Marketing all came together in Lucette Lagnado’s article in The Wall St. Journal. So Doctors and Hospitals still…

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