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National Assisted Living Week®

Since 1995, this week has provided a unique opportunity for residents, families, staff, volunteers, and the surrounding community to come together to organize activities and events that honor assisted living residents Organized by: the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL)…

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Too Social For Healthcare?

Taking surreptitious photos of nursing home residents seems like a bad move. When it’s the employees of the facility who are doing it and then sending to friends via snap chat it s nothing short of grotesque. In a recent…

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Those That Gesture Are Sure to Best Ya!

Spatial visualization, a skill that is integral to students, air traffic controllers and interior decorators alike, is the ability to mentally rotate or move an object to a different position or view. Recent studies found that gesturing your hands when…

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Blizzard 2010, the iPad and Great House

This ambidextrous iPhone and iPad swashbuckler has been touting all things digital… but straddled the fences when it came to leisure reading. Proprietary about my leisure space, I had pretty much relegated my iPad as work tool  and not embraced…

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Juicy Couture & Bedbugs Make Headlines

Do you think I got to this before Jay Leno does his headlines riff on The Tonight Show tonight? The headline in the Wall St. Journal boldly proclaims: “Bedbugs Close Juicy Couture”. Bedbugs were found in the two story retail…

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Hey, Get Back and Take Your Meds!

Add “predictive initiatives” to the newest lingo in the crosshairs of medicine and long term care. Pharmacy-benefit manager Express Scripts Inc. is launching an innovative program that reaches out to patients they anticipate will fail to take their medications. That’s…

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Live Long and Prosper?

Living longer is, as Martha Stewart would say, “A good thing.”  Living longer and maintaining a high quality of life through those later years is a really good thing and a recent report from the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related…

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New Hope for Those Who Suffer from Digestive Problems

The gastrointestinal system is a complex and mysterious one.  It seems almost a miracle that it ever works properly considering the multitude of factors that can make things within our digestive tract go awry.  What we eat, how we move,…

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Doctors Push for More Scans in Stroke Cases

We thought this article was extremely compelling and touched all bases. We left it intact: —————- The first three or four hours after a stroke are the most crucial. For most stroke patients, receiving a clot-dissolving drug shortly after arriving…

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