First Impressions Matter – Décor in Long Term Care

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. But you do, don’t you?

The same is true for judging the quality of a nursing home or long term care facility. The décor is not necessarily an accurate indicator of the experience of a resident, but it is certainly one of the main points of judgment for a prospective resident – and one of the key areas of satisfaction for those who reside in, and visit, the facility.

Up-to-date, attractive, and functional décor influences four key objectives of the long-term care facility:
• The attractiveness and marketability of the facility
• The comfort and happiness of residents
• The ease and efficiency of facility maintenance
• Employee satisfaction

When it comes to updating décor in a nursing home or long term care facility, tradition and history are the hottest new trends. There was a time when themed décor was the word of the day, but today themed facilities run the risk of looking dated. Now savvy administrators are looking to local styles and traditions to transform their nursing and assisted living facilities into atmospheres that both feel homelike and capture the allure of living in a fine hotel or resort.

This recent article in McKnight’s – The “Inn” Crowd – coined the term ‘home-tel’ to describe the newest trend in long term care style. Maintaining a balance between the familiar and the aspirational is key to making the same facility appeal to both senior residents and their boomer family members. The “kids” helping their elderly parents choose a facility today are also scoping out where they would like to spend their own golden years tomorrow. Every visit is another chance to sell the next generation on the benefits and amenities that long-term care living can offer.

For healthcare facilities in the New York area, a quick peek at the directory of long term care services will introduce you to one of our most-recommended resources – Act II Interiors. Specializing in the healthcare and hospitality industries, Act II knows that a well thought-out facility design positively impacts the well-being of residents and patients, and is even proven to have an effect on patient healing!

From furnishings to lighting to wall and window treatments, Act II can transform a facility to make it feel more upscale and homelike at the same time. As testament to their results, the pictures here are from a recent transformation of the lobby of a Brooklyn residential facility. Just beautiful.

The quality of care delivered in your long-term care facility is of the utmost importance, of course. But having a beautiful environment is the first step in creating the atmosphere where residents, guests, and caregivers can all be at their very best.

06. July 2012 by David Weiss
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