Five More Years if You’re a Smiler at Heart

It may just be your smile that adds another five years to your heart, so says to the new heart-health book, Heart 411. The
book, published by two Cleveland Clinic doctors; Mark Gillinov and Steven Nissen, relates a study done at Wayne State University, which rated the smiles of 230 baseball players who played before 1950. When, the researchers averaged out the years these players lived, they found amazing results. Those players with no smile lived an average of 73 years, while those with a partial smile lived an average of 75 years. However, those players with full smiles lived an average 80 years. These astonishing results support many studies which link emotional health with lower risks of heart disease. So smile, stay emotionally healthy, and long love your heart.

18. April 2012 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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