Grab One of These to Search – Then Destroy!

Revolutionary Bedbug Detector is First
Handy Screening Tool to Keep ‘Em Away
New York, July 2011… Dr. Bed Bug, the world’s first travel size Micro Bed Bug Detector, incorporates an ingenious 27 LED Scanner and 10X Lens Magnifier to reveal those bloodsucking critters in places you can’t and won’t imagine.
Just spotted in Bed, Bath & Beyond, these cleverly packaged gizmos (that come in a variety of colors) fit in the palm of your hand, and are priced to go as the latest impulse buy or “grab-bag” gift. And as the omnipresence of these resilient bed bugs infesting movie theaters, hotels, airports and other public venues keeps growing – it’s probably one of the “smarter” technologies you’ll buy.
Dr. Bed Bug™ was originally conceived for the international traveler who has to deal with a virtual Who’s Who of hotels and lodging where bed bug infestation undermines their 5 star rating. This ingenious lightweight detector is the first thing to grab before you go anywhere – theaters, airports, malls – and sleepovers! No place is immune.
Priced under $10, Dr. Bed Bug is one of the more affordable investments you’ll make to keep that itch away.

18. July 2011 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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