Health Care Compliance and Background Screening

With the increasing incidents of “Negligent Hiring” lawsuits, abuse and medical identity fraud at long term care and health care facilities, many new health care compliance regulations have been instituted for employee background screening. partners with the leading providers of health care services to ensure that our network of health care professionals and long term care administrators meet the latest health care compliance regulations and maximize return on investment with cost-effective management strategies. The Report Card, a comprehensive background screening company, will work with you to meet all your compliance regulations when hiring new healthcare staff (practitioners, employees, vendors or contractors) so that you can care for your patients in a safe environment.

The Report Card can help you to select the right employees by providing an accurate, up to date, comprehensive Report Card for people you consider adding to your team. The timely and cost efficient Report Card we deliver for your applicants will define the history and grades for every subject category that you order, and that report will adhere to the laws and regulations that govern our sensitive product for your protection.

As successful business people we know the comfort that comes from every member of our team possessing the level of integrity, responsibility, and dedication that conforms to our requirements. That’s why we’re in business. We provide our service for your complete assurance that every person you have on your team meets all the criteria that you demand. We don’t spend time bragging about the state-of-the-art genius of our database. That information speaks for itself. We do, however, brag about the quality of our service as it is our greatest source of pride. When you call us, you will be pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a live, friendly, knowledgeable company representative. Yes, by a real person that cares, and is dedicated to responding to your needs, not a recorded prompt. When you honor us with your business, we will immediately respond to your request.

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08. June 2012 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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