Hope for All You Spring Fever Sufferers

Until now there were only 2 options to make the season more bearable to all those with pollen allergies – either take an antihistamine or get regular injections of immunotherapy.

A new breakthrough treatment is just starting to make waves in Canada.  Instead of just  easing the uncomfortable allergy symptoms  like those convential pills do – new sublingual tablets gradually teach the immune system to tolerate the substances that induce allergies. They are basically a pill form of those immunotherapy shots – and a less painful and simpler option than having to pay a time-consuming visit to your physician every 2 weeks or so.

The pills, which dissolve under the tongue, contain small amounts of allergens and should start to be taken about four months before the start of pollen season, usually in January. Daily treatment should continue throughout the pollen season.

And permanent relief may be on the horizon! Once your immune system has been “taught” to react normally to the allergens after exposing your body to these pills for a period of about 3 years – you may be able to stop taking the tablets and remain symptom-free according to some studies.

22. May 2013 by Chumie Drillick
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