It’s Safer to Drive with Bobbo than Mom

Yup, that’s what a recent study conducted by Children’s Hospital of Philadephia demonstrated. Seems the older generation (avg. age of 58) is more cautious when chauffeuring their precious offspring, than the harried parents (avg. age of 36) are.

In the analysis of crashes with passengers aged 15 or younger, 90% of the drivers were parents, and only 10% were grandparents. Overall, grandparents were more vigilant, and made  sure to adhere to all traffic rules when the grandkids were in the back seat, even if they tended to regularly be risky drivers.

According to pediatrician Dr. Winston, the relatively low injury rate would be even lower, if grandparent better adhere to the latest car-seat guidelines. As a grandmother myself, who is flummoxed by the complex strapping systems – I suggest the creation of a step-by-step “Car Seat Buckling Up for Dummies (& Grandparents)” guide. It would be a best-seller, and the percentage of grandparents who properly restrain their little ones would rise dramatically!

21. July 2011 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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