AristaCare has responded to the industry’s demand for an enhanced level of care through the introduction of BetterCare™, the clinical foundation for the acute level of care provided to patients treated at AristaCare facilities.

As acute care hospitals face pressures to reduce lengths of stay, patients are often discharged while they remain in the acute phase of their condition. To address their more complex medical needs, AristaCare is redefining the scope and intensity of Sub Acute/Post Acute Care services to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes and patient experience

BetterCare™ features sophisticated patient assessment, enhanced patient monitoring and treatment with a sharp focus on prevention, innovative medical technology, and 24 hour access to advanced onsite acute medical care. This model translates into fewer episodes of rehospitalization, which, in turn, fosters a quicker recovery, less hospital-related complications and, ultimately, increased patient satisfaction.

BetterCare™ represents the next phase in AristaCare’s ongoing commitment to providing the optimal care in the most efficient environment.

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