We are the company that created the Adult Incontinence product category more than 30 years ago and we are proud of our heritage. Our singular focus on incontinence has enabled us to be the true industry expert. We are committed to leveraging that expertise to deliver product innovations that improve the quality of life for millions of people. We are a company that values Quality. Consistent high performing products are of critical importance to delivering better health outcomes to those we serve. Our production lines are state of the art and are managed with stringent quality control procedures, so all attends products meet or exceed the industry standard of care. Attends is a steadfast, trusted supplier of quality products at a fair price. As a manufacturer – not a distributor – our business strategy is to work with distributors, dealers, healthcare professionals and retailers who in turn serve consumers at home and patients in both long-term care and acute care facilities. We strive to be the superior supply chain partner, while giving consumers reliable protection to live their lives with confidence.