Greenfield Healthcare Center is a member of the CommuniCare Family of Companies. We provide skilled nursing, short-term recovery, and rehabilitation at our senior health center in Greenfield, Indiana. We also provide long-term care services that focus on your emotional and physical well-being. We strive to create an excellent customer experience for each of our guests looking for skilled nursing, physical therapy, and senior rehabilitation close to Indianapolis, IN.
The Connections program offered at Greenfield provides personalized dementia care designed by leading experts in the industry. Our supportive memory care staff are trained to be Certified Connections Practitioners, and we understand the concerns families face when loved ones begin showing signs of dementia. Our Connections memory care program provides support, education and assistance to families in coping with the changes as loved ones progress through the disease. Our safe, welcoming environment allows families to visit at any time, and residents are encouraged to participate in a variety of daily activities and therapeutic recreation that keeps them connected to the world around them.
Selecting the right healthcare center in Greenfield, with the right plan of care, is crucial when it comes to meeting your healthcare needs. To deliver the very best care, we believe in an ongoing partnership with our guests and their loved ones. We involve you in every step of the planning process that is beneficial for you. This allows us to continue moving forward, together, on your path to comfort, happiness, and success.
We serve with pride and see it as our privilege to accommodate your individual healthcare needs.