ReMED was started by a group of seasoned industry professionals who combined their knowledge of the sub-acute care market with their hard-earned expertise in running successful facilities and sourcing affordable capital improvements.

We own and manage skilled nursing facilities in highly competitive markets. For years, we have been looking for ways to affordably enhance our market position while simultaneously improve satisfaction and quality of care. Hospital-grade equipment and furnishings were an important part of our plan. But we had to find a way to work within the constraints of our budgets.

We researched our options and ran the numbers. We found a winning combination in reconditioned hospital-grade equipment, high-impact furnishings and dramatically reduced rental costs.

The changes we made had an immediate positive impact on the quality of our care and the level of satisfaction among our staff, our referral sources, our residents and their families. At the same time, we exceeded our financial goals; delivering dramatic savings to our bottom line.

But, locating high quality reconditioned equipment wasn’t an easy process. We looked for a vendor who really understood our business and our budgets. None of the major suppliers understood the challenges at skilled nursing facilities. Few had any experience in the sub-acute market.

We launched ReMED to provide the inventory and cost-saving suite of services that skilled nursing facilities need. We know we have a break-through solution that will help others. Our projected five-year savings are so significant, the equipment so superior and the impact on quality of care so evident; we want to share our solutions with you.

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