OTS Media LLC is a premier advertising company with extensive background in the healthcare industry.

Working together with Purell, our company has custom designed mahogany Hand sanitizing stands with an advertisement space on top. We place these stands, with the 11×14 eye level billboard, directly into doctors waiting rooms where patients often sit for over 25 minutes.

There a many benefits in using our stands to promote a brand or product:
• Target specific doctors (Cardiologist, Internal etc.) in order to focus directly to the clientele you are trying to reach
• Many clients enjoy the association with hand sanitizers- health and hygiene
• We can attach coupons or brochures to the units for a patients to take home with them
• The ad is on a stand-alone stand placed directly in the waiting room and clearly seen, not just a picture on the wall
• Implied physician endorsement of the product/brand by being in the waiting room

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