Vascular PRN rents pneumatic compression therapy equipment to hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers and other institutions in all 50 states. Whether your patient requires lymphedema management, prophylaxsis of deep vein thrombosis or for any other indication, our friendly and knowledgeable specialists will assure that you receive what you need, when you need it… even by overnight express if you need it! In that hour of need, when the Rx in your hand says “compression”, you can turn to us for the solution. Vascular PRN offers the KCI Skin IQ™ Microclimate Manager (MCM) as a highly effective tool that healthcare professionals can use to prevent and manage a patient’s skin breakdown and pressure ulcers. It is a powered mattress cover that uses new Negative Airflow Technology. The average daily cost for Skin IQ is $4.15 per day when used with an existing pressure redistribution mattress, in comparison to the daily cost of $30 for a Low Air Loss mattress. The Skin IQ™ MCM can be used with many of the pressure redistribution mattresses already on hand in long-term care facilities. The product is for single patient use, maintains a patient’s skin integrity, and can help decrease nosocomial risk when used early on as part of the patient’s therapy.

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