Long Surgeries Necessitate Better Therapeutic Surfaces for Patient Skin Integrity

A recent study in the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Journal shows that patients can develop pressure ulcers when a surgery lasts more than three hours. How the patient is positioned, the table surface, and skin integrity all play a part. In particular, the researchers found that a foam pad and a lower initial Braden score helped to prevent or lessen ulcer development.

“The study showed that the table surface was a key component,” said Greg Grambor, president of Vascular PRN. “A big intervention that can help the patient stay comfortable and does more to prevent pressure ulcers is the Skin IQ. It’s the latest negative airflow technology that prevents decubitis ulcers.”

The Skin IQ is also more budget-friendly than low air loss mattresses. The FDA has approved the Skin IQ for longer use, so the Skin IQ coverlet costs about $4.15 per day whereas a Low Air Loss mattress is about $30.00 a day. Perioperative nurses that can utilize a Skin IQ for patients and reposition them during and after surgical procedures will help patients stay comfortable and healthier.

“These strategies are easy to incorporate and relieve or redistribute the patient’s weight and wick away moisture,” said Grambor.

What is so unique about the Skin IQ is that it does have a foam layer, and two more layers of antimicrobial control. It pulls moisture down, cools the patient’s contact points, and performs 30 percent better than a typical medical mattress cover.

To learn more about the Skin IQ and how it can help in hospital settings or for pressure ulcer treatment, visit http://www.vascularprn.com/ or call 800.886.4331. On the site, visitors will also find out about Vascular PRN’s other products for sale or rent such as SCD boots, lymphedema pumps, and sequential compression devices. Vascular PRN has been helping surgery centers and hospitals, nursing homes, managed care organizations, and other institutions for decades throughout the United States. The Skin IQ is a registered trademark of KCI.

25. January 2012 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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