New Hope for Those Who Suffer from Digestive Problems

The gastrointestinal system is a complex and mysterious one.  It seems almost a miracle that it ever works properly considering the multitude of factors that can make things within our digestive tract go awry.  What we eat, how we move, genetics, the bacteria that reside inside – good and bad – can all trigger any number of complications.  Some of the more nefarious GI syndromes are Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and his ugly stepsister Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (also IBS, I suppose).

The Wall Street Journal recently included an article uncovering new research into Inflammatory Bowel Syndromes including Crohn’s disease and colitis.  There is extensive genetic research underway to understand how DNA may hold clues to what triggers, and could potentially treat, these nasty illnesses that are so hard on their sufferers.

Interestingly, one of the areas of research included looking closely at how these genetic changes impact the presence of bacteria in the digestive tract.  If that research uncovers a connection, treatments could be developed to help intercept the bad bugs before they cause trouble in the first place.

Until research truly uncovers a cure or identifies genetic influencers, sufferers of these troublesome syndromes find themselves presented with a number of treatment options – prescriptions, intravenous drugs, dietary restrictions and other alternative cures – all of which have different levels of effectiveness and side effects for users.

We are excited that one of our clients, Dicon, is offering another, more natural alternative to treating unruly digestive systems. Dicon is strong enough to treat common and chronic digestive disorders – even helping to control symptoms of Crohn’s disease – yet it is gentle enough to be taken daily. Currently available by prescription, Dicon represents a new era in digestive health.

We are rolling out the first ads of the advertising campaign that will first appear in magazines geared to the medical professional; particularly the General practioner, Internist, and Gastroenterologist.  “Recalibrate Your Life” is the headline  of the ad  launching this week in the Conference Issue of  Practical Gastroenterology- in time for the National Conference of Gastroenterologists taking place May- May 5th .  It is enormously gratifying to bring an innovative new treatment option to the US that will make a huge difference in the lives of those with digestive problems!

For more information about Dicon visit their very informative website:

29. April 2010 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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