New Skin IQ™ Coverlet Helps Nursing Home Administrators Cut Costs

Directors of nursing homes are preparing for big decreases in Medicare reimbursements that begin October 1. Medicare rates will lessen by 11.1 percent, which is making nursing home operators and administrators look for every opportunity to cut costs to make up for the monies lost. These types of facilities help seniors recover after surgery or illnesses before they return home. Before the decrease, Medicare paid around $500 a day for a senior’s short-term stay at the nursing facility for rehabilitative care.

“Additional cuts to skilled nursing and assisted living threaten access to quality care needed by America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities,” said American Health Care Association president Mark Parkinson.

Nursing home facilities will look to make staffing adjustments and put future expansion on hold. The stock market has already seen health care related real estate investment trust stocks dip dramatically. As nursing home administrators take a look at cutting expenses in every way, an efficient way to do that is examining the cost of Low Air Loss mattresses. Facilities use these types of mattresses with patients who are at a high risk of developing pressure ulcers.

“There are new, less expensive ways to give your patient comfort and make sure their skin integrity is maintained,” said Greg Grambor, president of Vascular PRN. “The latest product is called Skin IQ™ and costs roughly $6 a day versus a Low Air Loss bed that runs around $30 a day.”

For a 500 bed nursing home facility that utilizes 50 Low Air Loss beds each month, this could create savings of around $36,000 a month to just switch to a Skin IQ™ coverlet. The new coverlet also helps to prevent skin breakdown and a nursing home’s enemy, pressure ulcers. Facilities that already use it have found not only savings, but that it cools the patient’s contact points better than a Low Air Loss mattress.

“The Skin IQ™ brings air down through the mattress and wicks moisture and odor away,” said Grambor. “It can be used on top of the pressure redistribution mattress you already have.”

There has also been great feedback on how the Skin IQ™ controls odor, is easy to clean, and helps prevent infections. It can be used with individuals weighing up to 500 pounds.

Vascular PRN℠ helps healthcare professionals nationwide with products to help maintain a patient’s skin integrity and lessen decubitus ulcers. The company has decades of experience in delivering high-quality products to facilities overnight at a great value. To learn more, visit or call 800-886-4331. Vascular PRN’s website also spotlights industry news, frequently asked questions, and director of nursing and healthcare jobs.

03. November 2011 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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