• Why Do Women Get Alzheimer's More Than Men? Study Offers Clue

    A gene on the X chromosome may explain why two-thirds of Alzheimer’s patients are women. Researchers found the gene can be safely inhibited in mice. Are humans next? Source: NEW FEED

  • Mutant Gene Stops At-Risk People From Getting Alzheimer's

    Learning more about this gene may lead to future treatments. Source: NEW FEED

  • Holistic Program May Help People With Alzheimer's, Dementia

    Those who enroll are assigned to groups that meet virtually twice a week for 1-hour sessions. The sessions are livestreamed, so participants are engaging with each other and with the instructors in real time. Source: NEW FEED

  • Certain Rheumatoid Arthritis Meds May Help Lower Alzheimer's Risk

    Early research suggests a type of RA drug known as TNF inhibitors may lower dementia risk in people who have RA and heart disease. Source: NEW FEED

  • Medicare Will Only Cover New Alzheimer’s Drug in Trials

    Federal officials have made their final decision: Medicare will only pay for patients to get the new Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab (Aduhelm) if the patients are participating in clinical trials. Source: NEW FEED

  • Vision Rehab Helps People With Low Vision Navigate the World

    How vision rehabilitation services help people with low vision navigate the world. Source: NEW FEED

  • Other Ways to Manage Pain After Surgery

    New research out of the Mayo Clinic backs the idea that orthopedic surgical pain management might drop the use of opioids. Source: NEW FEED

  • Scientists See Hope in New Therapy COVID Brain Fog Patients

    A type of rehabilitation program that allows the brain to rewire itself has been successful in improving the lives of people with brain fog. Source: NEW FEED

  • Electrocuted by 11,000 Volts, Now an Amputee … and an MD

    Bruce “BJ” Miller was 19 when he lost both legs and one arm. After a grueling rehab, he went back to college and eventually medical school. Source: NEW FEED

  • More Olive Oil May Bring Longer Life

    People who consume more than 1/2 a tablespoon of olive oil a day are less likely to die from heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or lung disease. Source: NEW FEED

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