• Trial Begins of Nasal Vaccine for Alzheimer's Disease

    The vaccine stimulates the immune system, prompting white blood cells to migrate to the brain and clear beta amyloid plaques. Source: NEW FEED

  • Some Diabetes Meds Might Also Lower Alzheimer's Risk

    A new study suggests older adults who take certain diabetes drugs may see a slower decline in their memory and thinking skills. Source: NEW FEED

  • An ALS Drug Shows Early Promise Against Alzheimer's

    Studies show the drug Riluzole which is used to slow the progression of ALS may have positive effects on cognition in people with mild Alzheimer’s. Source: NEW FEED

  • Medicare Mulls Coverage for New Alzheimer's Drug

    Medicare launched a formal process that will determine whether the agency will cover Aduhelm, the newly approved Alzheimer’s drug whose high price tag and unproven benefits have prompted widespread controversy. Source: NEW FEED

  • Controversial New Alzheimer's Drug: Why Some Patients Say Yes

    As advocates and critics debate the FDA’s approval of the new drug, and a chorus of experts and patient advocates protest the price, many patients and their families are excited about it, hopeful that it will stop the debilitating disease…

  • Group Wants FDA Leaders Ousted Over Alzheimer's Drug Approval

    A consumer advocacy group is calling for the removal of three top FDA officials, saying the agency’s approval of the Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab (Aduhelm) was “reckless.” Source: NEW FEED

  • Controversial New Alzheimer's Drug: What to Know

    As the first Alzheimer’s drug approved since 2003, advocates applaud the decision. Critics say the approval was based on inadequate proof that the drug works and balk at the price tag of $56,000 a year. Source: NEW FEED

  • How to Choose the Right Place for Alcohol or Drug Rehab

    There are ways to find quality treatment centers for alcohol or drug addiction. Here’s how to get started. Source: NEW FEED

  • Addiction and Pain Management

    If you’ve battled a drug or alcohol addiction, you may be nervous about taking medications that treat pain, such as opioids. Learn more about the options you might have and how to weigh them. Source: NEW FEED

  • New Alzheimer's Drug Slows Cognitive Decline in Early Test

    An experimental drug appeared to slow cognitive decline in people with early Alzheimer’s disease, according to newly published research. Source: NEW FEED

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