Office Space in Long Term Care Facilities

One of the areas where helps organizations is working with Long Term Care facilities to help them manage resources and facilities.  We wanted to share an interesting perspective from a recent issue of Long Term Living Magazine.

When it comes to managing office space in a long-term care facility, the default seems to be an every-man-for-himself system where patient rooms and broom closets are claimed as workspaces and administrative staff takes a back seat to patient care requirements.

It is completely appropriate for patient care to be at the forefront of priorities and facilities.  However, a thoughtful and strategic approach to workspace planning can help to accomplish that while leaving the staff of the facility in more functional and appealing spaces.  And if the staff is happy, they are more likely to contribute to a happier patient population!

Minimizing the amount of space in the facility that is non-income generating is a noble goal and offices don’t directly make money.  Beds make the money.

Design professionals can save the day by maximizing income generating space and providing functional, appropriate spaces for staff members.  The specifics will be driven by available space and budget, but open workspaces, thoughtful finishes and amenities like access to natural light, can go a long way toward creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

No one likes the idea of giving up a private office.  But trading in a private closet for an attractive open plan workspace can eventually be a positive change for the long-term care facility and its staff.

27. April 2010 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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