Old Enough… To Drink, Coffee

As a self- professed coffee connoisseur, a zenith of enjoyment was reached when we purchased our own Keurig machine and our first deliveries of special blend pods were hand delivered by Mike from UPS.

So the trend-setting, market-conscious advertising professional in me recoiled when reports came in that coffee was not only losing its cachet with the upwardly mobile, but that only 27% of consumers 18 to 24 drink coffee daily.

Say it ain’t so! Coffee drinking is most prevalent among those ages 45 and older, and those 55 and up are the fastest-growing segment.

Marketers are concerned that unless we woo younger adults, coffee consumption will suffer.

Ahh… with  tailored product and marketing strategies, there is hope: 46% of young adults say they like to relax with a cup of coffee, and 22% say they like to have a cup of coffee on hand when they’re running errands.

Marketers unite! I don’t want to be sitting with my iPad sometime soon in a Starbucks replete with Boomers who’ve had one too many.

12. October 2010 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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