Patients Well Aware Are Well Prepared

If  you’re going in for elective surgery of any kind, make sure to do your homework well in advance, so you’re not in for a nasty shock later on. You will be needing lots of assistance to get you through your recovery period once you’re back home and a lot of that help will not be covered by your insurance or medicare.

To find out what home care benefits you’re entitled to, call your private carrier or Medicare well in advance. Figure out the level of care that you will need. Know the difference between skilled (ie. Nurse) and unskilled help (ie. Home Health Aide). Unskilled help costs between $10 to $38 per hour and is usually never covered by private insurers, while a nurse costs approximatedly $50 per hour, and will only be paid for by your insurance if your doctor prescribes it. Finding the right caregiver also entails a lot of research, and a good resource is the

To ensure a home health care plan that works for you, it is essential that you or a loved one be well-educated as to the various options that exist, and at what price.

23. November 2010 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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