PDPM And TeleHealth Solutions

Dr. Waseem Ghannam, CEO & Co-Founder of TeleHealth Solution, puts it down ever so eloquently:

“Tools, tools, I give you tools

I give you tools, tools

I give you tools, ooh

These tools are for you to use

These tools are for you to use me

Oooh, use me, what you want me for

Use me

Oooh, use me, what you want me for

Use me

Yeah, oh, use me, ooh-ooh

Use me what you want me for”- Future “Use Me”

With PDPM coming, we at TeleHealth Solution™ give our clients the “tools to use us”


One of our O-HI-O clients calls us at midnight:

85 year old male patient with chest pain.

He is a DNR patient under a managed care program.

Hx of CAD, A-fib, CHF

We use our “bulky telemedicine” cart to say hello to the gentlemen, describing his chest pain.

We then reach for our HandoverHeart EKG glove by RYK Medical Solutions which is all powered by @AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. AgnesInTheCloud software and in less than 4 min we have an instant EKG on the patient. He went back into A-fib.

Called the family

Coordinated cardiologist in AM

Verified anticoagulation

Routine labs for AM CBC, BMP, TSH and a CXR


Family – Elated

Building – avoided an unnecessary sendout

Managed Care Program – looks great for them

Goal – do the best damn job for patients and the chips fall into place.

Mobile Radiology Service and the “4 hr window”- sorry we don’t need ya, you too slow

Welcome to thenewstandardofcare.