• Vis A Vis Health

  • All Hands On Tec

    We Keep the User Experience Smooth. Create dynamic visual and interactive solutions with the very best UX also exercise the best UX, UI, information architecture, conversion rate optimization, & video marketing. Develop a dynamic and eye-catching site filled with large,...

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  • RYK Solutions

    Our Mission is to make accessible to physicians, skilled nursing specialists, and LTC Administrators, the latest and most advanced point of care technologies & diagnostic tools, as well as state-of-the-art testing devices with the goal of saving precious wait time for the patients, money to the healthcare facilities and, most importantly – LIVES!

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  • Dermarite

    DermaRite® manufactures high quality, affordable skin care, advanced wound care, and nutritional products for healthcare and senior-care facilities.

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  • Telehealth Solution

    TeleHealth Solution is YOUR assurance to deliver a paradigm of care in every facility you operate-and stand out in midst of stiff competition!

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  • Soxatones

    SOXatones- is a smart, Inexpensive gift or incentive to incorporate into your facility!

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  • Hand Over Heart

    Untangle Yourself From traditional EKGs! Determine Quickly if your patient is having a Cardiac event! Trust Your EKG readings now that you've eliminated the False-Positives!    

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