She’s Fashionable… He’s Clueless

So there are kindred spirits out there who, too, are puzzled by the disconnect of sartorial splendor existing between husbands and wives.

Never realized there could (and should?) be a support group for fairly fashionable women who are married to men who have absolutely no interest in their own fashion statements, or worse- turn out in decidedly less than stellar couture.

Curiously, the “opposites attract” in dressing choices does play a role in the courting process; you find his anti-conventional approach to dressing refreshing; but like so many other patterns in marriage, this proclivity to fashion disinterest may develop into an omnipresent land-mine.

So the ostensibly fashionable woman tries to dress her man, and, in time, lowers the bar, making feeble attempts to tweak his style. All the while, his well-worn cardigan gets more worn, and his trusty tie (authentic Fendi she bought for him eons ago!) gets considerably blander.

As the two of you show up at the same affair, you quietly conjure the dissonant picture you present,… but happily, realize in time, that his many endearing qualities do trump his unfashionable fashion statements!

02. December 2010 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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