Shower with the Grandkids for a Great Recession Buster

Had more fun this morning than a human being has a right to! This as- stressed- as -anyone-else advertising, marketing person, (forget about it being days before Passover!), returning from an early, intensive session of aerobics and serious Spin , espied some beautiful grandchildren being given a shower. Still trying to get my heartbeat back to normal, and sweating profusely, I looked at the shower, then at the delicious children, and then back at the shower. My daughter was keenly watching her known-to-be-bazaar mother, and was too slow to restrain me…”Bobbo’s going to join you, guys!” I cried, and whipping off my omnipresent hat, but keeping all my clothes on, jumped into the tub under the most refreshing shower burst I’ve ever had. The other children and members of the household came running in to witness the hullabaloo…Their faces were a marvelous amalgam of absolute delight and frissons of excitement at this sight of their grandmother, fully clothed, in the shower with some very naked grandchildren! I laughed like I hadn’t in a million years! I’ve been smiling like a goofball all morning at the office… What a great recession buster all out joy with the family can be!

07. April 2009 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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