It’s Not The “Where” But The “Specialized Care”

It's Not The "Where" But The "Specialized Care"Choosing where to continue one’s rehabilitation following a hospital stay, is a crucial decision  that affects the quality and length of one’s recovery. A bad choice, meaning a facility that is not well-equipped with the expertise to treat your specific condition, can result in poor outcomes, a prolonged rehabilitation process, or even worse, rehospitalization. Many patients, lacking the proper guidance from hospital discharge planners, opt for the most conveniently located post-acute care center that takes their insurance, and fail to take into account their disease severity and prognosis and the breadth of services offered at the post-acute facility.

Different facilities are noted for their distinctive areas of expertise. If you are challenged by a heart condition, look for a facility that has a specialized Cardiac Program under the direction of prestigious cardiologists, and if you are suffering from chronic wounds, a cutting edge Wound Care Program is a priority. One should not wait till the end of their hospital stay to make this determination, but should start this comprehensive discussion early on, leaving family enough time to research and visit the various options.

14. August 2014 by Ruth Folger Weiss
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