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National Healthcare Marketing Competition

The Aster Awards Program is an elite competition recognizing the nation’s most talented healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence in advertising. Winning entries, judged by a diverse panel of experts, are published in the Marketing Healthcare Today magazine. A Best…

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Old Enough… To Drink, Coffee

As a self- professed coffee connoisseur, a zenith of enjoyment was reached when we purchased our own Keurig machine and our first deliveries of special blend pods were hand delivered by Mike from UPS. So the trend-setting, market-conscious advertising professional…

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Don’t Read This Post

The headline made you want to see what this was all about, didn’t it? It is an interesting feature of human behavior that we are attracted to what we are told we cannot have, or shouldn’t want. Tell someone not…

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Betting Against the Brand

As one who passionately builds brands for a living, it saddens me when I am forced to bear witness to the downward spiral of a once-strong brand.  The recent troubles faced by Tylenol and other huge brands from McNeil Consumer…

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You Want Me to Drink What?

I am admittedly not the trendiest girl around.  I don’t have designer shoes or a luxury car or get my hair blown out.  Actually, where I live getting your hair blown out means you drove with a window open, but…

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Marketing to a “New Frugality”

The “New Frugality” is the behavioral response of Americans to the the nearly $13 trillion loss of wealth since the recession began; their upended confidence in the capitalist system is kick-starting a more cogent move toward frugality. Economists believe that…

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Shower with the Grandkids for a Great Recession Buster

Had more fun this morning than a human being has a right to! This as- stressed- as -anyone-else advertising, marketing person, (forget about it being days before Passover!), returning from an early, intensive session of aerobics and serious Spin ,…

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Reality Check in a Wetsuit

by Ruth Folger Weiss  This advertising executive decided to close the company for the holidays and, in the process, learned some valuable life lessons. Sure, being an executive director of an enterprise is enormously rewarding to one’s ego, but can also obfuscate one’s…

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