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American, Senior Citizens … and Feeling Better!

The third edition of the United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings® Senior Report was recently published, showing that older Americans’ health is improving. The Report indicates positive trends nationwide for senior health, especially for measures that look at whether seniors…

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BIG Rewards: The Promise of Small Changes in Nutrition

Be mindful of seemingly inconsequential eating habits: their impact is bigger than you can imagine – especially when it comes to the Senior population. When we consider the health of older adults, we tend to think about the most common…

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Do You Think You Can Win? Dancing away stale clichés about aging.

Do You Think You Can Win? With that facetious remark, Simon Cowell addressed the odd couple standing at the stage poised to begin their dance routine in a recent episode of Britain’s Got Talent 2014. She, a petite elderly woman…

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Health Benefits of Feeling Younger

New research indicates that feeling younger than you are can have long-range health benefits. Age is whatever you think it is and you are as old as you think you are rings an old quote. This is something that those…

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The Beauty of Aging

As networking professionals in the health care and long term care industry, LTCAdministrator.com has also become a valuable resource for the aging population. We deal with various types of health care models including home health care, short-term rehabilitation, long term…

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Stop Treating The MRI

The baby boomers have entered the orthopedic surgery stage, bringing the overall statistics of orthopedic surgery in America to a new level! In 2009 Americans ages 45 to 64 had approximately 116,000 hip replacements, and 97,000 knee replacements between 2004…

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Old Age or B12?

A mind blowing discovery recently printed in the New York Times by Jane E. Brody, indicates that a B12 deficiency can show similar symptoms to someone with Alzheimer’s. She shares an evocative story of Mrs. Katz, who was diagnosed with…

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Some hospitals open ERs just for graying patients

Launching dedicated ERs for our Aging Population…is a perspicacious concept and, hopefully, a tipping point for the industry. Read More

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Need a New Hip? Check the Joint Registry First

806,000 hip and knee implants were performed in the US in 2007 – that’s double the amount done a decade earlier. However, a 2007 study demonstrates that 7% of Medicare patients who underwent a hip replacement required another replacement hip…

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Care and Feeding of the Middle Aged Brain

As we work with administrators to help navigate the world of Long Term Care it is hard not to be hyper-aware of our own mortality and the eventuality that we, too, are likely to reach a point where we will…

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