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Asian-American Elders Disadvantaged by Cultural & Lingual Barriers

While the growing Hispanic community struggles to deal with their aging parents and their cultural expectations of care, the Asian-American community is struggling with this issue as well in a slightly nuanced way. “Filial Piety” – respect for one’s elders,…

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Nursing Home Care Keep Getting More Expensive

Always a costly option, nursing homes have reached a new high. Approximately $67,527 five years ago, the average price has risen to $83,950. And in the past year alone the fee jumped 4%, according to Genworth’s 2013 Cost of Care…

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Defining Palliative Care

Barely half the hospitals in the USA have palliative care programs. If you aren’t sure what palliative care is, that’s part of the problem. Palliative care is a care program that includes management of pain and other debilitating symptoms and…

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