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How Many Calories Do you Burn Shoveling Snow?

Well, if you weigh 200 pounds you can burn over 400 calories if you shovel heavy snow for 30 minutes.  Although shoveling snow can be good exercise if done right, there are health concerns and risks of injury. A high-intensity…

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They’re My Calories…Stop Counting for Me!

No curmudgeon here, but just one harried boomer, who’s watching life’s intrusions  chip, chipping away…One upside of travel used to be the “turn off your mobile phones” announcement, and now, it appears one’s conscience gets no time – off from…

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Crowned Hospital Chef of the Year

Yup, there’s actually such a title. A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted the growth of a new genre – upscale, more palatable cuisine now offered in healthcare facilities. The typical hospital fare such as jello, soggy sandwiches and tasteless…

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Missed Breakfast? A Big No No for the Weight Conscious

Everyone knows that breakfast’s good for you. How good just became a little clearer. A team of British Researchers have pinpointed scientifically how your brain craves high calorie food when you skip your morning meal. Utilizing MRI’s of the brain,…

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Is That Your Stomach Rumbling as You Drink From the Fountain of Youth?

The irony is quite delicious:  Scientists believe they have indeed found the Fountain of Youth and it is found right at the entry of our mouths- as long as we seriously restrict our calorie intake while maintaining all essential nutrients?…

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Don’t Swallow Those Healthy Labels Whole

Just when you think you’ve got the healthy eating thing down right, some scientific papers come out to upend your sense of equilibrium. While you’ve been vigilant in pursuing “healthy” options in your food purchases, you and millions of others…

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