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Asian-American Elders Disadvantaged by Cultural & Lingual Barriers

While the growing Hispanic community struggles to deal with their aging parents and their cultural expectations of care, the Asian-American community is struggling with this issue as well in a slightly nuanced way. “Filial Piety” – respect for one’s elders,…

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Healthcare Marketing – Speaking to the Caregivers

Caregivers play a vital role as the mediums between the complex healthcare industry and the patients. In this fundamental position, the caregiver often becomes the primary target audience for healthcare marketers. As a leading resource in the long term care…

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Validating the Caregiver in 60 Seconds or Less

By: Ruth Folger Weiss I was stunned. Was that really a Walgreens commercial I just saw? Titled: “If only Caregivers had Caregivers,” the scene was an emotional punch to the solar plexus. A young woman tenders a lovingly prepared meal…

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