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Muddling Blood

By Lydia Yolen Can’t think clearly? Maybe it’s your blood pressure. North Carolina State University at Raleigh researcher Dr. Allaire has found a link between high blood pressure and mental function. Very simply, seniors with high blood pressure have poorer…

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Relax Actively

~ by Lydia Yolen Relax actively. That’s the advice of researchers to the retired and the elderly. Not only is it beneficial for your heart, it’s beneficial for your mind. This news is the conclusion of numerous studies concerning how…

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Antihistamine Can Reverse Mental Deterioration

~ Zev Driller An old antihistamine drug may come back on the market one day – to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Dimebond, once sold in Russia to treat allergies, may have the happy side affect of reversing cognitive decline. Test subjects…

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