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Recognizing the Need for Dementia Screening

According to a recent review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), the benefits of screening tests for cognitive impairment are unproven. The effects of clinical intervention to improve cognitive functioning have often been found to be insignificant or…

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Can a Cup a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Seems there are some more benefits to that daily cuppa coffee than just that shot of caffeine. Mayo Clinic Researchers have just uncovered a link between drinking coffee and a lower risk of PCS – a rare autoimmune liver disease…

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Oui! The More Languages You Know The Better Off You Are!

Recent studies found that trilingual people have a significantly lower risk of cognitive impairment than those who are bilingual. According to Magali Perquin, PhD, of the Public Research Center for Health in Luxembourg – “It appears speaking more than two…

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Sweet Sixteen Aint What it Used to Be!

Lives change, and so do needs. A new 16 item cognitive assessment test, known as the”Sweet Sixteen”, remarkably demonstrated 99% sensitivity for diagnosing cognitive impairment in a 700-patient cohort with known cognitive status. It’s high correlation with the Mini-Mental State…

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