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Can a Cup a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Seems there are some more benefits to that daily cuppa coffee than just that shot of caffeine. Mayo Clinic Researchers have just uncovered a link between drinking coffee and a lower risk of PCS – a rare autoimmune liver disease…

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Coffee – Good for the Brain

by Adele Weber You knew it, and were just waiting for science to catch up. Coffee is good for you. For your brain. For your health. Overall, it’s the elixir of good health. Scandinavian researchers followed the health of coffee…

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Mind and Heart

There’s a link between the mind and the body. If you think you’re ill, you can make yourself ill, and if you think you’re well, it can help you recover. All of this is part of the well-documented though poorly…

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Exercise from the Couch

by Bill Diblasio Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the benefits of exercise without expending more energy then swallowing a pill? AICAR, an old drug that has long been recognized for its ability to stimulate the creation of…

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When Drugs Just Make Things Worse

~ by Jeff Noley There are some drugs with side effects that are worse than what they treat. Or at the very least, are pretty rotten compared to the alternatives. Avandia is one example of a drug you might want…

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Forgot Your Keys? Maybe it’s Your Stomach

We attempt to tackle each day in optimistic and measured tones, weighing the risk ratios and cost benefits of a myriad of choices. We’ve finally gotten the Food Pyramid straight, can almost discern the differences between wild and not-so-wild salmon,…

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Killing Heart Disease

By Lydia Yolen There’s finally good news in the health industry – heart disease and stroke death rates are down down down. Death rates from coronary heart disease are down 30.7% since 1999, and stroke mortality has dropped 29.2%. The…

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