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Betting Against the Brand

As one who passionately builds brands for a living, it saddens me when I am forced to bear witness to the downward spiral of a once-strong brand.  The recent troubles faced by Tylenol and other huge brands from McNeil Consumer…

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Optimistic Advances in Search for an Alzheimer’s Miracle Drug

By Neil Bekker At the recent International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease in Chicago, some interesting discoveries in Alzheimer’s research were presented. Claude Wischik, Ph.D., of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and founder and chairman of TauRx Therapeutics presented the…

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FDA: Older psych drugs have fatal risks in seniors

~ By Matthew Perrone, AP Business Writer WASHINGTON – The Food and Drug Administration warned doctors Monday that prescribing a certain group of psychiatric drugs to seniors suffering from dementia can increase their risk of death. Antipsychotic drugs are approved…

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Cipro Now a No Go

~ by Yael Joshua If you need to target hardy bacteria, heavy-duty antibiotics such as Cipro, Levaquin, and Floxin are your best bet. Unfortunately, these drugs, all based on fluoroquinolone, have been shown to cause pain, swelling, and inflammation in…

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When Drugs Just Make Things Worse

~ by Jeff Noley There are some drugs with side effects that are worse than what they treat. Or at the very least, are pretty rotten compared to the alternatives. Avandia is one example of a drug you might want…

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