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Make Sure The Family’s Involved

Post-stroke recovery and function can be significantly affected by the involvement of patient’s nearest and dearest. New research shows that incorporating family-assisted exercise therapy to the standard physical therapy regimen of a stroke patient had many positive results. Motor function,…

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Reality Check in a Wetsuit

by Ruth Folger Weiss  This advertising executive decided to close the company for the holidays and, in the process, learned some valuable life lessons. Sure, being an executive director of an enterprise is enormously rewarding to one’s ego, but can also obfuscate one’s…

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Which Legacy

 by Ruth Folger Weiss Guess who said, albeit wistfully:  “I’d like to be known as a loving and supportive father and grandfather.”?    ‘Betcha  you didn’t figure it was Sumner Redstone, chairman and controlling shareholder of Viacom and CBS, answering a…

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